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English learners/users meet-up in Kokubunji will start soon!

Come join us!

Tadoku and Beyond: English learners/users community in Kokubunji.

I’m Miyanishi, nice to meet you! I’m going to start a meet-up session in a small comfy room located nearby JR Kokubunji station. There, I’m planning to provide a place where Japanese people can get together, and share and learn how they can use English for the benefit of their daily lives.

Since we learn English at school, and it’s heavily grammar/translation oriented, many Japanese people tend to think that they have to be able to use English perfectly, or their English won’t be understood, won’t work, and won’t be passable. But this is so not true! Many of them have good enough knowledge to be a user of English already!

When you learn a language, it’s a big waste of time if you keep learning it hard with textbooks all the time but don’t use it in the real life. You’ve got to use it right away! Learning happens by doing something in the target language, right?

To change this staggering situation of learning English in Japan, I decided to start a group, tadoku and beyond, where I’d like to share my experiences as a user of English and encourage people who join the meeting to become a user of English right away!

The group is also open and welcomes English speakers from around the world as guests.If you’re curious to know what we do, and want to have a chat or discuss with fellow members in English, please drop by and enjoy the time together with us!
Here is a link to the meet-up place:  絵本とおはなしの店 おばあさんの知恵袋
Please leave a comment if you have any questions. Thank you!

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