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I'm so sick of watching those Japanese teachers of English who pretend to be able to use English in front of students and teach them based on the very approach which didn't make teachers themselves be a competent user of English. I don't know why but those teachers tend to keep denying the new approach like tadoku and stick to the outdated ones.

The truth is, they're only capable of using English in the context of Gakko-Eigo, Japanese school education of English. They're comfortable within the small community of teachers who also secure themselves in a closed society and never ever try to step into the real world, having been freaked out of the day to come when their incapability is came to light to the students and fellow colleagues.

Look at the comment under this OreRyu-san's post. One Japanese English teacher made a comment saying that he, a teacher of English, is kind of offended by OreRyu-san's request, which encourage those readers who're teaching English to write a comment in English as a role model for students. Well, I, a part-time teacher of English, am not one bit offended or got uneasy by his request.

I think it's quite reasonable for OreRyu-san to make such an asking, since English teachers have to be feeling happy and grateful to have a chance to discuss things in *English*, right??? For many Japanese English teachers, it's scarce to have a place where they can improve their own English ability, so OreRyu-san's kindness has to be greatly appreciated.

So, I wrote a welcome message in English for that English teacher that there is nothing for him to hesitate to write a comment there in English now because OreRyu-san wrote a new English post maybe taking his appeal into serious consideration. Well, I've been waiting for a comment to come from the teacher, but there isn't any so far...

I would never write this sarcastic and harsh post if the teacher is not so much an influential figure, but he is an English teacher in some famous university! in Kansai. I think it's fair to say he deserves this.



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