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Some Charismatic high school teacher, an author of notorious English word books, which keep tormenting millions of Japanese students with rote memorization and seeding an evil idea of "only hard work can make you a fluent user of English" in the flexible minds of young people, was proudly writing in his blog at the beginning of the year that he's going to seek for an opportunity to deliver his and also his students' words to the world, and not only that, he'd go so far as to use BBC and CNN as his media?! 

I may not be flabbergasted by his new year resolution if he had been writing his blog posts in English all along, but he is NOT! As far as I can remember, all he wrote in English are just blog post titles... How can I be NOT appalled and fail to drop my jaw with his declaration?

Seriously, someone has to tell him and his team, which consists of people in B and A company, that young people in Japan have been moving way forward long before he came up with such an outlandish proposal and sending these important messages to the world in English. Shouldn't this be an article in every single Japanese English textbook 検定教科書?

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  1. Thank you for introducing such a good website! A certain teacher's declaration is nothing but nonsense. I couldn't agree more!

    1. I think the site is a marvelous example to showcase what you can do with what you learned; English. That is education, right?