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Lately I've been writing my thoughts and ideas almost always in Japanese for my new ebook, and it's getting harder and harder to think and write in English. That's not good... So today allow me to do some free writing kind practice here. The topic is IT literacy.

Here is some charismatic Japanese English teacher and he often posts an entry about his own books. (I guess if you're a frequent reader of the blog, then you can tell easily who I'm talking about.) Well, that's not I'm concerned about. I think it looks hilariously pathetic to do a sales promotion again and again, but if he or the publisher think it's an effective way of appealing to the public, then it's nothing I should be talking about here. But I have a big concern as a mother.

There are many pictures of high schoolers in the charisma teacher's blog. I wonder if all the parents are aware of the fact that the pictures of their kids are so carelessly thrown into the internet world almost every day with a clear intention of promoting the books.

What if some person with vicious mind would find the pictures and tried to play with them? It's a matter of a few minutes for those people to put some weird effects on the pictures with letters and illustrations and spread them all over the world through SNS anonymously. Once they start to circulate in the internet, there is no way to stop them.

I really don't understand why nobody is going to point that out to the teacher or schools and stop such a stupid act. There is nothing to gain for the students, right? They're used their faces and everything for free in order to sell the books. Is it fair?

Here, you can see the biggest and urgent issue; it's IT literacy. I think many students and parents are concerned about nowadays the danger of the internet, since there was a heartbreaking incident in Tokyo a few weeks ago, which provoked the nosy audience in the Net and they made the news circulating nationwide in the Net.

The people who are hopelessly behind the internet age are teachers, aren't they? They should use the Net more often in various ways and need to experience themselves the danger of it, or they can't teach students how to use it properly and effectively, but only to repeat commonly shared cautions. And I think teachers of English should become the leaders who can showcase practical and efficient ways of utilizing the Net for education.   

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