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Since I wrote about tunein in the ebook, I've been looking for a new station that I can recommend here to the readers of my blog. It was Commonwealth Club of California that I chose for today's trial station and just randomly clicked one of those many programs. I began to listen to the story on an off while I was doing house chores, washing and doing the dishes.

Soon I found out that the talk is about education. The words I was able to detect were like creativity, raw curiosity, and traditional model and, lo and behold (I've been using the same expression in a row through the previous entries. It's not fun.... Let me see if I know another phrase...), believe it or not^^, the speaker was the founder of Khan Academy! Khan Academy

(Well, if you're a teacher and not familiar with those educational trends of distant learning or free learning, I'm afraid to say but you're way behind the big movements of the current education in the world. Seriously....)

This is the program:  Sal Khan: Education reimagined

In this new closely connected world, which emerged along the way of the development of the Internet, you're free to join those conversations held in a  faraway country even from your house in Japan. I think it's much more inspiring and productive to discuss how to teach and facilitate children at school with those people running at the cutting edge of today's education world than getting together with similar kinds of people around you, and praising and complimenting each other same old ideas or own papers....
Take a chance and step out of the box!
Commonwealth National Podcast

Sal Khan

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