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There is this community on the net where my teacher friends get together almost every day and discuss with zest various topics from education to everyday tidbits. Without this friendly, pleasing and sometimes straight-forward talks, which could be very harmful if were not for mutual understanding of the benefit or significance of active discussion among members, the ebook would never have sprouted out and grew into a bunch of concise and strong messages.

It was free writing we talked about last night and I kind of felt like making some excuses about my showcase of free writing in the ebook. I don't always do such an ideal? free writing. Mine is more like udauda writing that I simply put down all the nonsense accumulating in my mind, complains, anger, doubts, pitiful thoughts about myself and so on. At that time when I was doing the free writing for the ebook, I had the audience in my mind, so I may have tried to include some uplifting air in the writing unconsciously, but my usual udauda writing is nothing like that. Actual udauda is like this;

Oh boy, I seem to find the answer to some questions that I've been wondering these days that why there are two kinds of people, those who can understand what I'm talking about quite easily and those who don't.... It's about how you learn or use English skills, and my message is simple; why don't you stop studying English with textbooks or going to school. You know a lot about the language, so just start using it, right now!

I think I'm not saying anything extravagant or meaningless, but there are always some people who just keep throwing irritated or annoyed expressions to me, and even though they say my idea is quite reasonable, they don't seem to take my suggestions seriously and go back to the closed mindset; I need to study English harder and master it before becoming a user.... Why? Why can't I move them?

Here is the thing which stroke me hard today while I was reading a blog article written by some English teacher, and I think it precisely answers to my question. The phrase grasped me was something like this (I'm strongly requested from other blog members that I should hide my claws of Dokuzetu, so I'm going to translate the original Japanese phrase into English to not hurt those people who share the same ideas to the blog writer I found,); It's really enjoyable studying English together with friends or students, so I'd like to share the joy of it with many people in general.

Okay, okay. So the writer says studying English itself is... fun. Phew... Seriously? I've never thought in that way that to study English without any purpose or dream can be fun. mmm... Maybe I should be thankful of myself being lazy, or I'd also be lured into those never ending fruitless circles of trying to become a good learner, and kept missing the chance to be a user. Lesson learned...
The end of udauda. lol

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