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I was listening to some radio station this morning just like a yesterday's post with tunein and caught another Japanese word; Shakuhachi.

The station is BBC forum, and the featured topic this time is the importance of "breathing." With air circulating on earth invisibly, every living thing keeps breathing all through their lives but we're usually unaware of that. 

I've recently started to take a physical exercise class in a nearby community center and there the coach always emphasize the importance of breathing deeply and slowly, counting eight for each inhaling and exhaling, with fully conscious before and after the main exercises. It's not much fun to do this type of slow breathing by myself at home, and I tend to shorten the span of each breathing or simply skip them and get to more demanding exercises. But with other members doing the same close by, I can make myself real calm and relaxed.  

So, in the program, a Japanese flute Shakuhachi was mentioned in the discussion of musical instruments and they reffered Shakushachi as one of the instruments which breathing itself is an important part of the sound. Since the sound of Shakuhachi is very different from the one of other western instruments, I wondered how people in Western culture feel such a peculiar sound, whether it's comfortable or just strange.

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