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In the previous three entries, I discussed that raw memorization for learning new words and phrases is productive only for short term purposes such as taking good scores with English tests, but in the long run, I'm afraid it proves to be not as beneficial as absorbing new words through simple pleasure reading/listening or real communication with English speakers in the real life. You wouldn't be able to use newly acquired words&phrases unless you got remembered them together with the contexts, which actually define the meaning of the words. 

However, I observe some people who do tadoku but tend to become doubtful saying that if tadoku really enhances abilities necessary for learning new words&phrases. I wondered why I'm able to feel the power of tadoku style learning so definitely and some aren't. And I came to conclude that there has to be some crucial factor working actively on those people who can make tadoku the most beneficial.

It's serendipity. With your serendipity deep in asleep, tadoku would never gift you any findings or inspirations. 

Now, let me tell you, what urged me to write this entry about serendipity and that was this review I found in Goodreads; "For me, books are pausing places. They provide me pockets from where I can absorb, reflect, ponder, and reshuffle life’s minutia and meaning. Anne Lamont’s latest book _Help Thanks Wow_ provided me a serendipitous pausing place from which I just came out feeling quite moved and grateful."

See? What happened upon me is; I was thinking about the word serendipity on and off, and then I bumped into the very word while I was reading book reviews aimlessly. Actually I often experience these serendipity moments in life, and every time it occurs, I feel vigorous and joyous thinking how wonderful that I'm so alive! 

Why I'm able to use serendipity for tadoku? Why there are some people whose serendipity seems to be fast asleep? I think the reason is quite simple; I read English books thoroughly for pleasure, on the other hand, some people do tadoku mainly for learning. I read books for fun, so my mind is focused on enjoying the story to my heart's content. My mind is free and spongy. But if you're concerned about learning English even a tiny bit while you're reading books, then your mind tends to be rigid and static that it could shut the things which has nothing to do with your learning English, thus your serendipity would remain inactive... 

It really is an interesting topic. I'll be more than happy if any of you readers could share the same experiences to mine about serendipity in your tadoku. 


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