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With a good season for various festive events coming around in Japan, I guess other members are super busy for getting ready to those activities at each school. Allow me to let you read my half baked thoughts and rambles about EFL.  

The other day, I got to know some person in a community of my pastime doing on the net. She said she wanted to improve her English and she's been studying it for long, sometimes to get a higher score on TOEIC and other times simply to make herself study... but she didn't seem to have any conspicuous progress and often ended up quitting the study itself. Then I was asked to give her some suggestions about learning English and it was even this simple but I got a word from her that my advice was 「目から鱗」.

The advice was nothing but a mandatory and nothing unique or original for myself, but I guess there should be many people that if they're able to have different kind of suggestions from the ones they're made to believe at school, they'd make a big leap and go over the invisible wall of conventional believes, that the more you learn English harder, the better you can be as a user of it. Once they're free from notorious shackles of English myth, their progress will have no ceiling to go, especially for youngesters. I'm sure of that.

That suggestion I made was this; Stop learning and play around with the things whatever you like in English as far as your heart's content.

Many people started to use 「楽しむ」 for an advice of learning English and it's a real nice thing, but I was thinking that word still doesn't mirror totally the way of my learning English. Then some word came to my mind this morning and it was 「戯れる」. Yes, I've been doing tadoku or other things in English and it's more like fooling around than enjoying.

I do enjoy reading books, listening to audio material, or other activities with friends abroad in English, but I don't do it with an idea of enjoyment in my mind all the time. When I come across something intriguing, then I straight way go to know more about that thing and if it's just right for me then I'd continue to dig it up, but it's not that interesting, I'm likely to be fascinated with another thing.

Well, there seems to be no good educational word waiting, I'd quit here my crazy talk. I do hope more people will free themselves from the staggering world of EFL in Japan and feel the vigor of being Tawamure.

Mrsmalone wrote  


  1. Hi. What you say is "Elements" in a book of Sir Ken Robinson.

  2. HI TSJ-san, I thought it was a book I brought to you the other day, but was not. Ken Ronbinson! Did you buy a book of his? hmmm, you have to let me read it. wonder there is an e-book...

  3. hola. yes, i bought it. 茂木健一郎氏やKrashen氏は、flowと言ってます。

  4. Oh, yeah? Elements or flow sounds kind of profound, then tawamure... I feel like monkeying around? Oh, boy...