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Note: This might not be your interest if you are not into self-development in TESOL area.

At the edge of Eigo village, there is a cave used as a secret place to meet with other residents. Once a while, they gather and show their rare and precious findings. They also discuss each finding as they enjoy time with others.

Last year I helped my uni's desk ( Aston university in UK) at JALT National (, providing information on Long-distance TESOL Master's and PhD courses. It was held in Tokyo and many of my friends came and shared a great time. When we went out to a local curry restaurant on the first day, one of my friend who had become the president of JALT Yokohama, known as Yo-JALT, asked me if I found any presentation interesting. I immediately answered, "Action Research ones!" Back then I had started reading some research methods for my study and one of them, Action Research, know as AR got me interested. There were a few presentations about AR and I attended some with high expectations. The presenter of Yo-JALT, Robert Croker's one was the one I learned and enjoyed the most. I told how practical, interesting and engaging his presentation was with heaps of interactions with other participants. We, all participants of his presentation wanted to carry on the discussion we were in.

Ta-da! After a year, my wish was granted. Prof. Croker is coming to Yokohama. Yo-JALT is one of the friendliest and the most enthusiastic group of educators and researchers of all. Yo-dudes also love to have fun!

If you are a teacher who wish to develop yourself as an educator/ researcher in TESOL, this is your place.

Personally, AR can be relevant to ER/ tadoku if you are looking of  a way to measure something unmeasurable or to show something absolutely invisible to somewhat visible. AR is for someone who wants to see what exactly going on in your classroom through your own eyes. For me, AR is a great way to record and examine the journey I facilitate in the little unique and peculiar entity, called classroom. In order to find some ways to liberate and encourage all the participants on the journey with numerous restrictions, namely Language learning, AR can be useful.

This is definitely not for novice learners but for crazy gold diggers for EFL. In other words, this is for a person who enjoys finding a gem in the vast universe of egoistic bullshits.  Kindred sprits are guaranteed to find if you join Yo-dudes :-)


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