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Oxford Reading Tree もう読んだ?




Above is a link to a post about Oxford Reading Tree series. That's the one I strongly recommend to anyone learning English in Japan. It's from Oxford University Press and meant to be a side reader for children at school, but they're too good to be kept only for children. How good your English is or how old you are, it's a must series for learners to have a look and get familiar with the process of how native speakers of English learn to read, and think over the way of learning English as a EFL learner. They opened an ebook store recently and you can now listen to audio of several titles from the similar series. Don't miss that splendid site too!

Mrsmalone wrote


  1. We need "like" button here :-)I think OUP an other publishers have already come up with series of ORT-like books. Even some game-lovers might find a little interesting ones as well. At least, their contents are linguistically less-controlled. In another words, much cooler and more relevant to teens.

  2. I looked into a way to add "like" button but it seems there's no simple "like" button like other blog sites. Teacher me if you come across a blogger site with a "like" button.
    ORT like series for teens is the thing we, tadoku doers and tadoku facilitators, have been longing for so long, but many of similar series published by foreign based publishers are tend to be too difficult for Japanese teens. I do hope someone will make a new manga-style series with a help of pro manga-ka. I don't get it why there aren't many people who realize the benefit and power of manga for teens to learn English. Manga got everything necessary for learning languages in my and my daughter's opinion, but many grown-ups seem to be biased to believe manga is for fun but not for study, and that's totally sucks...