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Need to be inspired? Here you go!

Who needs inspiration ? I do!! When I am having one of those bad day, I listen to some inspirational speech. This is one of them. I read his last lesson as well.

This for those who need to be inspired to do the best you can today :-)



  1. If you keep on watching those inspiring stories one after another, then you may find yourself floating freely somewhere way up in the sky and could be called 天上人 before long, LOL, but I sometimes feel strongly the need of such an uplifting and pleasing story. We can't live without watching very tragic, depressing news once we turn on the TV, but that makes me feel oppressing. I don't like it. TED is a great place to start your brand new day!

  2. Oh, yeah! I can't agree with you more. I had a super fun time with kids at a nursery school. It was really reenergizing :-)