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Are you curious enough?

Good morning, everyone! I just came back from a short walk in the cool crispy morning air. It looks like we're going to have another fine day today around here in Tokyo. Now, I'd like to inspire you, as chico-san did in the previous post, with some interesting link about curiosity.

There are so many people in Japan who keep learning English hard and pour lots of money and time into learning even after their graduating school, and to my great astonishment, some do it without any particular purposes. What is good about that? I don't know. Well, if you don't give up no pursuing for some higher goal and continue studying something seriously, then it might look that you're a person with overwhelming amount of curiosity. Yeah... But I highly doubt that when it comes to leaning English. Are you truly, really curious? Does your passion for study stem from sheer drive of your honest mind?

If you can't stop leaning English just for taking a good score with test or you're able to feel content only when you can boast about your good score, and if you don't seem to be able to gather up the courage to use your vast knowledge of English in real life, then it could be that since learning English has been something you have to do regardless of your motivation but compulsory, then that made you grow some peculiar mindset endlessly and you're likely to forget about what it's really like to be curious enough.

Here is a link I'd like to share with you guys. I think its English is very straightforward and comes into your mind dearly.
Hope to hear from you what you think about the post.
Have a nice weekend!
 The Secret to Being Self-Taught: Curiosity

wrote mrsmalone.

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  1. Hey, emmie. My favorite English proverb is, "Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought her back."

    From daily observation of children I learn English with, their authentic curiosity towards things around them tend to be neglected by grown-ups.
    "Oh, what are you talking about! I am busy! Go and play on your own!"
    Don't you hear such phrases all the time?
    I suspect that if all the questions are respected and supported to do further investigation, children can develop learner's autonomy. Perhaps homeschooling idea comes from such a suspicion...But homeschooling has its pitfall as well. I started to believe holistic approach that stimulates individual curiosity. But more importantly, I am curious about where does curiosity come from and how it is cultivated :-)