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Think Outside the Box

I don't really like how-to articles but this one is quite funny and somewhat truthful. I also do recommend for all of you out there to get out of the box you are in and see things upside-down.
Why? Well, that's what I have learned via learning English. It is not about building vocabulary. It is not about being an expert of grammar. It is not about test taking strategies at all. For me, English is like a kaleidoscope that Lucy got (Lucy in the Sky with Diamond). I can see things in a completely different perspective. It is like I've been upside-down all the time seeing all prisms of colors of the world. Some may darker and some may brighter than the other. But every color is beautiful in its own way.

My tutor at Aston uni. once said, "Speaking another language is having an extra resource." It expands your world and gives you more ideas.

I don't mean to define anything here. In fact, I believe everyone has her own angle to do something and I don't deny any of motivations to do anything including how you learn English. There isn't the best way for everyone. But if you are struggling in learning English or lost motivation to keep on learning in the way you have been told to, it might be a good idea to go upside-down and think outside the box.

Ok. Here is my favorite tune to share.

Now I am off to Bali. Hope you are having a fantastic summer. See you in Autumn :-)


  1. Loved it, loved it, Chico!
    Especially the last tip to think outside the box.
    Take a shower. The best tip in August!

    Anyway, have fun in Bali and come back full(even fuller?) of energy!

  2. Hi, glad that you liked them! I am at a buckpacker's hotel at the moment and it is fully wified.!