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Do you know *free-writing*?

I was fully encouraged by the very positive post by TSJ.
In our environment which gives us extraordinary easy access to internet or whatever, we can communicate in English.  Yes, we can!

As one way of using English, I’d like to recommend you to write in English. It’s called ‘free-writing.’  What is exceptionally good about it is you don’t have to, or rather you mustn’t correct your grammatical or spelling mistakes.
And it works for shy people like me because basically you can write on your own.  Doesn’t it sound good?

You just have to feel free and write on and on.  You don’t even have to have a topic.  Prepare a kitchen timer or a stopwatch and whatever stationeries you feel comfortable to write with- a pencil, a ballpoint pen and a sheet of paper, or a PC.  In my case, I prefer a PC because it’s easier for me to type than to write every letter. J
Then set a timer.  At first, probably 5 minutes will be enough. When you start to feel that 5 minutes is too short, make it to 10, 15, and then 20 minutes.

I learned this method from MrsMalone, who I believe would kindly paste the more precise information here. (Thanks MrsMalone.)
When I first read her post in English at her own blog, I was really surprised and impressed. I’d never expected a Japanese person living in Japan write English so freely. Then she revealed the secret of ‘free-writing’ in that blog. Thanks to her, now I enjoy writing in English. I know my writing is far from perfect, but it’s alright.

If you enjoy using your target language, you’d be hungrier for ways to express yourself better, which will help you learn the language in many ways.

Now go to the kitchen and get the timer.  Happy writing!







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Writing Without Teachers
Writing Without Teachers (Free writingといえばPeter Elbowさん)
Writing Alone and With Others
Writing Alone and With Others(上記Pat Schneiderさんの本。Patさんとは何度かメール交換させてもらいました。英語を母語としない者がfree writingをどう活用できるのか、興味をもたれていました。)
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