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Digital Story Telling: Momo & Brownie

Well, this is an example of 'perfectly imperfect fun'. I've made this story when my daughter was little.
She loves this stuffed doll and named it Brownie. she adored it and carried it around with her. One day, she lost Brownie somewhere when we went out. She was devastated and couldn't even sleep at night without it. So, I made hand written book for her. She really loved it and enjoyed reading it for a while.

I completely forgot about it but when I took the Digital Storytelling Corse I have mentioned, I wanted to make it into digital one using iMovie. It was easy enough to upload in on Voicethread and shared with other teachers on the course.

This kind of activity has more potential with high schoolers and uni students for teachers don't need to consider so much about ethics to introduce digital world to students.

I've experimented to use some digital tools with kids's class but I am not sure if it is really appropriate tools for them to use. I prefer traditional paper material with kids for some reasons.
1. Digital tools are way too addictive and without grown-ups supervision, it can be harmful for kids.
2. Using digital tools is an solitude activity. For more effective use of story, human contact might be necessary. In other words, parents or teachers would be much better companion for kids than PC or Mac.
3. Like other multimedia games, digital tools might deprive children of their authentic creativity.

My concerns come from unknown factors of rather new technology. I am not afraid of experimenting on myself or rather older students for they have already exposed to digital world a lot. But when it comes to children, we need to be extra careful to implement things like this. Well, this concern is based on the  observation on my own daughter when she got iPod, she went crazy. She was so intuitive and no need any instructions how to use it at all. Within a week, she learned the basic function and now she knows how to research things online.

Digital Literacy is a new term defined by some researchers.
It might be a skill that empower us as a member of a global village. But we keep on asking questions such as 'How early should it be introduced?' and ' How should it be introduced?'

I am actually  researching on this matter but haven't found enough data yet.

In a meantime, I started recommending to my students (high schoolers and above) to enjoy digital tools to support their learning.

I am going to introduce some more digital tools eventually!



  1. Hi Chico!
    The story is so cute and I can see how much you love your daughter and at the same time how much your daughter cherished Brownie!
    I am a digital-illiterate dinosaur, but your work explained a lot of things. Now I can see this kind of creation really has a lot of potential for foreign language learners.

    Actually, there once was a teacher at our school who taught how to make movies using mac, but he moved out and now we don't have the class. Too bad...

  2. Hi, thanks for the encouraging feedback!
    Actually, I am a 'digital-illiterate dinosaur' as well. That's why I took the course;-)

    There are so many online tools that you can use easily. I am going to introduce some of them. Hope you will enjoy them as well!!!