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The new month got started today and it should be in the middle of the rainy season. But we haven't got much rain so far in Tokyo. Yet, it's been quite humid and hot lately, so I'd like to let you feel not necessarily dry but real cool with a humorous picture book&CD.
The Pout-Pout Fish (Pout-Pout Fish Adventure)
The Pout-Pout Fish (Pout-Pout Fish Adventure)
If you're a friend of mine for some time, you'd tell why I have to recommend this. When I first came across this one, I couldn't help saying that what on earth I'm doing there in the book?!
The accompanying CD is just right for a hot summer's day and I'm sure you'll feel like drifting in a big ocean with those funny, lovable fish. Enjoy!
(Writer: MrsMalone)


  1. Wow... Looks like a real good one!
    It's given positive reviews, too!
    I've got to check the prices at bookstores and sure to get one.

  2. The CD is really soothing! you'd feel like relaxing in the cool shade under a big tree in a tropical island^^ I don't know why amazon Japan doesn't keep many of it ready to sell...