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Stop TESTS, in the name of love...

I've found the most efficient way to learn a foreign language.


I mean ANY kinds of tests on a foreign language. That's it. 

Especially, Japanese people are obsessed with test score. Did you know more than half of TOEIC examinee is Japanese. Hahaha. I don't think so many people NEED to use English in daily life or for work.

You want to know your level of English. I understanda that. But, I think you should have your own standard, like "Wow, I could read this book!" " I could talk with my Vietnamese friend in English."


Nobody in the world would say, "Oh, that's grammatically incorrect." nor "Native speakers don't say that way." when you chat in English. Only arrogant Japanese Teacher of English (or would-be English MASTERS) keep on saying such things.

So, don't worry about tests. I mean, "NEVER EVER" take any tests.

What led me to think like that?

I teach Spanish, as elective subject. My students took it cuz it seemed fun or they don't want to "study" anything. And those classes are easy for me because I don't have any standard to achieve.

Even so, I had been giving some tests.But I stopped it three years ago. The result. Now my students are better.

It might be hard to believe, but that's true.

If you're a Japanese native speaker, take a look at NIHONGO NOURYOKU KENTEI SHIKEN. I hope you understand what I'm saying here.

So, get rid of tests and have a happy life!


  1. Yes, I can't agree with you more because I'm THE living proof of "Get rid of the idea of taking a test or studying English, and you'll be a fairly good user of English." I use English everyday and even started to use it as a job, but I don't do anything that you might call studying. I lie down and read whatever books I like or often listen to music I love, but I rarely read its rhylic or barely use dictionaries... Yet, my English has got competent than ever.

    That's right. You'd better take a look at of Nihongo Shiken or textbooks for that. I once did and literally appalled its tightly packed contents. It was packed with indiscernible explanations or Kanji even for me, 100% native of Japanese. Well, it could be because I'm terrible poor at Japanese and I'm not eligible to say anything about Nihongo, but still I'm sure you think it's absurd to study Japanese with those textbooks. You're rather recommend Sazae-san or Shin-chan, You name it. I seem like forever writing when I'm rock. It never happened for me before tadoku... Believe me.

  2. Hooray! You made the point very clear. I hope a lot of avid English learners would read your post.

    There are some people who'd need qualification to write in their resume, but to them I want to tell to relax. Even if you don't pass it, it's not the end of the world.
    End of the world is that you try so hard but you cannot communicate in English, right?

    To those who don't need qualifications, I'd say, "Why tests? There are plenty of other fun you can try and enjoy using the language. Maybe you'd say that you are not good enough yet, but then, when youy'd be ready?"

    1. Yes, that's what I really wanna emphasize, but I become kind of hesitate because I'm often said that you're an oddball and that's because you can do many things in English blar, blar, blar...
      But hey! do you really think you can improve your English by learning just a couple of house a day in your busy days? I highly doubt that once you reach to certain age like over 25, it's nearly hopeless to improve your English to the lever that you're fully satisfied or feel totally comfortable while using English. You won't make much progress in a year or two. This is what learned along the way of ten years' tadoku life.
      Then what do you do? What I can say is that "you quit thinking to become a good user of English" or "you start right away something with the English what you have now" Do something! Whatever you'd love to do, reading, tweeting, meet-up, anything!! I just don't get it why so many Japanese are madly tying to learn English when they have no particular purposes... Oh, excuse me. I tend to be aggressive when it comes to this kind of topic.

  3. It is said "Just do it" :-) Well, it is not the matter of motivation anymore, JAPAN!!! If you would like to be a member of the global village, you gotta speak the common language, which happened to be English, whether you like or not. I seriously think JAPAN need to wake up and look around the neighboring countries. I was seriously shocked to know the level of English proficiency of 6th graders in Korea. While we are thinking the most effective way or any ways to learn, those kids in the neighboring countries try whatever they can in order to acquire the communicative competence in English and ask us "What have you been doing in those years?" Lol

  4. Gracias, todos. And you know what, all of us are non-native speakers of English. Shame on "NATIVE" worship!