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英語の授業で育まれるのだろうか?creative confidence

After I began to communicate with people abroad in English mostly through the net, I'm often reminded that I need to be really confident myself and ready to say precisely and sometimes even assertively what I think about the things we're talking about. On the other hand, when we talk with Japanese, it's not necessarily desirable to make it clear where you stand about the issues from the beginning, or rather making your view obscure is thought to be a good way of communication to make a peaceful talk. The way of communication is strikingly different, that's I come to learn lately.

Now about confidence. I don't remember at all I've ever learned the importance of being confidence at school, let alone creative confidence. When it comes to English classes, students are always taught to be correct, grammatically 100% correct, and in the end, they totally lose the confidence necessary to be a user of English. Am I wrong?

The English used in the video is, I think, listening-friendlier than the one I introduced a while ago, so please relax and enjoy the story, especially don't miss the talk around 7:35. I bet you'll WOW^^.

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