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share this joy of reading with students

I just bought the 3rd book of The Hunger Games Kindle version because I cannot wait until Monday to tell my friend to lend hers and wait another day for the book to arrive at my hands.
Mockingjay (Hunger Games)
Mockingjay (Hunger Games)
This drive, this thirst, this joy of reading I want to share with my students. That's why I'm conducting tadoku classes.

Sometimes I talk about books with my students. How I couldn't put a book down, I cried it over, or laughted out loud... Very often they look at me unbelievingly.

However, once they experience it, they all know it. Those students wrote in their reading diaries, or told me directly: I was moved to tears reading this book. I'd never imagined this'd happen to me. 
Ta da! That's the beginning. The door was opened to the student and they will start to read hunting for good books following their instinct. 

And if they are reading for their joy, why would they bother to translate it into Japanese? It would just slow them down. They are busy following the story.

Well, if they devour books, something surely sink in, and later, it will show in their speaking and writing. 
That's what and how I hope happens. Not the other way round.

The Hunger Gamesの2巻を読み終えてしまって、来週まで次を読めないなんて耐えられないので、キンドル版を買いました。あっという間に私のキンドルに届いて、まあ~、キンドルってここがすてき。






(Writer: Mamazon)
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  1. Yes, Mamazon-san, I completely agree with you that not many but just one time students are moved unquestionably with a great English story, then that experience stays long deep down in their heart, and when an occantion arises, I'm positive they're going to recall such fulfilling moments and wonder if they should do tadoku more and learn English seriously.
    If not for thrills or sensations, tadoku is not that different from drills I think.

    1. True. It doesn't matter whether the book is a picture book or a PB. or even GR. If they experience the thrill to read, the door is open.

      The moment I feel happy in my tadoku class is when I see students smile, look very serious, or anything turning pages. You can easily tell whether they are enjoying the book with the twinkle in their eyes or the way they turn the page!