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Okay, so today I'm going to write the post in English first and then translate the main message into Japanese. It's kind of free writing, that you keep writing for a certain period of time, say about 10 minutes, without stopping or correcting or anything to pull out your ideas or thoughts like warming yourself up before to do physical exercises. I strongly encourage you to try this out. I'm going to write about free writing some other time. Now it's about books I read the way home yesterday.

I often go check some new magazines about learning English at bookstores to keep up with the tread and I'm often stunned with its big number of similar kind of magazines and also annoyed, thinking if those who are making those magazines really think they can advice the way properly to learn English  and their readers would be able to use English as they claim. Who can be the target readers of those endlessly published tacky magazines?

Now, let me tell you how useless and inconsistent those magazines can be with an example from one of those I read yesterday.

There was a very wildly known professional user of English writing how he mastered English. Yes, he is great, truly amazing. But, I'm sorry to say that his way of learning English so great, marvelous that almost no one can do the same as he did. (BTW, he was talking about Tadoku and Tachou there, but I don't remember him saying anything about Tadoku&Tachou in his blog, so I thought even such a talented people cannot to be ignorant of the new waves of learning English.)

He says in his article that it has nothing to do with taking high scores in STEP or TOEIC that you can use English fluently. His claim is just right. I have no objections to it.

Then I turned the several pages and started to LOL, because there came many stories about how to get high scores in Shikaku Shiken, such as which textbooks you should tackle with to score more than 600 in TOEIC.

Ok, ok, so you, the magazine, recommend us to learn English not for taking tests but for using it, and at the same time, you want us to buy textbooks and study for tests. WOW, how unreasonable it can be! 

I'm not saying all the English learning magazines are like this and you shouldn't pour your precious money into buying it, but I'm afraid there is no particular magazines I can recommend here to help learn English by now. Am I just choosy and picky? Maybe that I'd like to take a word or two once with the people behind those magazines and find out what they're aiming at.

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